Thursday, 31 May 2012

For the holidays, a face studded with glittery makeup

To celebrate the magic of Christmas, go for a glittery makeup during your parties.

Eye glitter: express yourself through the eyes

Share your good mood, your joy of living through your style through your eyes. Brighten your eyes with glitter and shine brightly. For eye shadows, Agnes B offers its Monobulle "glitter effect" to fix the eyelid. These products are available in 2 grams of pot and come in two shades: Monobulle the "clear" and Monobulle "Dark". For a more natural look, go for the Duo Eyeshadow Nars, including the Alhambra duo including metallic pink hue Sailing and champagne gold. Glamour effect guaranteed.

To highlight your eyes, nothing better than a touch of eyeliner. For these holidays, forget the eternal black eyeliner, and go for bright colors: blue, gray or a glittery gold eyeliner. Otherwise, you can still use the kohl pencils. Bourjois offers such as Glitter Eye Pencil, pen scintillating, with a high content of sequins. Same for Lise Watier Glitter Pencil with a comfortable and beautiful makeup that takes. The final touch to your makeup, mascara, also exists in which the glittery sequins Yves Rocher Mascara or Mascara-Star T-Leclerc.

Sensual lips on a thousand stars

To highlight your luscious lips, here is a selection of red gloss and glitter. A passion for red, adorn your lips from the ultra-shine gloss Gliter red Sephora. For a less intense color and a more youthful, go for the Phyto-Lip Star for Sisley. This two in one product takes the trouble to dress up your lips with mother of pearl and care for it in the Moisturizer for an ultra-smooth. Same effects for the Red cream brand Shu Uemura. All these products will help you reveal your sensuality so you can light up the evening as well.

To bring a finishing touch to your look, you can sprinkle of body hair and a trail of stars. If you put a low-cut evening dress, put a touch of glitter on your chest refine your look perfectly. Same thing if you are planning to dress in halter: a little glitter on your shoulders and back. Your elegant bun, sprinkle them of stardust. To do so, you have the body and Hair Spray Silver Glitter Gold Golg Sephora, the Sparks multipurpose Galleries Naomi or the Pure Powder Free Diamond of Nivea.